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About Camille LaShea

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Hi, I'm Camille Lashea, a passionate lash artist with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. Based in Atlanta, I am the proud owner of Camille Lashea Aesthetics, a premier esthetic studio that specializes in lash extensions, skincare treatments, and beauty services.

My journey began as a stay-at-home mom with a dream. Through dedication and hard work, I transformed my passion for beauty into a thriving business. Today, Camille Lashea Aesthetics stands as a testament to my commitment and expertise.

I've had the privilege of training with prestigious institutions like Bella Lash, Minkys, and Beyond Volume Lashes, and working in top lash lounges in both Las Vegas and Atlanta. These experiences have enriched my skills and fueled my dedication to continuous learning and excellence.

Camille Lashea Aesthetics is not just a studio but a sanctuary where beauty enthusiasts come to enhance their natural beauty and indulge in luxurious treatments. My approach is personalized and meticulous, ensuring every client leaves feeling confident and beautiful. I specialize in signature lash techniques designed to ensure optimal retention and stunning results, making me a favorite among clients and fellow beauty professionals.

In addition to running a successful studio, I manage a thriving lash and adhesive retail line, offering high-quality products that reflect my commitment to excellence. My entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset have driven the growth of my business, both locally and online.

I've been blessed to work alongside other great women in this industry, and I am dedicated to empowering others. Through mentoring and skill-building workshops, I help aspiring lash artists and beauty professionals grow their careers and achieve their goals. Sharing my knowledge and love for what I do with like-minded artists is one of my greatest joys.

Beyond my professional achievements, I am a dedicated mom, dog mom, and artist who moved from Las Vegas to Atlanta. My love for lashing, combined with my nurturing and creative nature, fuels my mission to empower others through beauty. Whether you're looking for expert lash services, top-tier beauty products, or professional training, I am here to be your trusted partner in beauty.

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